Mission to Mars base

Finally I have finished my mission to Mars base.

imageIts its good, isn’t it?



Well, this was a learning marathon.

We learnt about how Mars once might have had water.

Scientist have recently thought or discover that the water might be about 5 inches or 5 cm under the soil on Mars.

But once the water will reach to the surface on Mars, it will evaporate because it might be too hot or it does not have the protection caused by the iron core a rich planet has to protect it from the solar winds the sun causes.

This causes the water to evaporate once it gets to the surface.

Scientist have known that once, Mars was like earth as the solar system was forming.

There were hundreds of planets crashing to get places.

The reason why Mars has a thin atmosphere is because a planet, the size of the moon crashed into Mars, and Mars did not have a lot of time to build that thin crust that broke until it reached the core.

That is why Mars is a weak planet.




We have finished the book Fish…YAYY!

I think the book did not describe the characters or where they were and what was actually happening.

I thought the ending was 10 times better than the start.

I rate this book 2 stars out of 5. I think that L.S Matthew will need to describe the characters and tell us where they are.


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I am silent

I am violent

I am slithering

I am whispering

First I am hissing


Then I go missing

I start to streamline

Then I get a good meal

Then my skin starts to peal.

By Sarah

On Wednesday the 26 of the 8 15, we all watched a wonderful show that two guys amazingly put together.

It took them two months to write the script,  practis it and build the things that are needed.

Mario and James took a really quick time to get dressed into different characters.

There show starring Nono and Mario, along with some of the characters from Italy that were popular for example Arleccino, Isabella and Del piaro.

They travel to the South of Australia and all over Melbourne.

I thought their play was extraordinary and really funny and I enjoyed it.

Thank you Mario and James


What went well?
The activities that were provided by the Montmorency students were all fabulous.
I enjoyed all the activities, especially the M&M Advark activity.
Leadership day…
Leadership day was a day at Montmorency where we had to co-operate using teamwork to get through activities.
They were difficult.
We all had group colours groups like orange and pink.
I was in light green.
Leadership all involved trust, caring, teamwork, persistance.
Questions:If you were to choose an activities what would it be?

Sarah’s Ark



If i were to take five types of animals on my Ark away from the poisoned water, it might be…
1.Ten Koalas. koalas do not stand a chance of surviving the flood. I would love to take sone of these.
They are cute and cuddly and are nice.
2.Six Border collies are well tamed and really playful and active and beautiful dogs and they are really smart and protective.
3.I would like to take six Tasmanian devils. Tasmanian devils are almost extinct and I want to take some so they can breed and make babies so that we can get them back to their feet.
4.I would like to take two camels so we can walk in the desert without having to feed them.
They provide a lot of meat and would be nice to carry supplies in the desert.
5.I would as well like to take two kangaroos so we can start breeding them so when we find a new part of land we are able to make a new Australia.
They provide meat for the animals and cloths.

Comment and tell what animals YOU want to take.

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